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Somansa Mail-i is a Network DLP solution to monitor, discover, and protect data in motion. Using its superior packet and protocol analysis technology, Somansa Mail-i monitors outbound network traffic including Email, IM, FTP, HTTP/HTTPS, Cloud Services to protect sensitive company data and meet regulatory compliance requirements. Policy rules can be administered to detect valuable company and customer information including intellectual property, credit card numbers, and social security numbers and retrievable through a quick search function for auditing and legal evidence.

Technology Features

• Monitor and Manage
Somansa Mail-i analyzes outbound network packet and protocol traffic: Email, Webmail, IM, FTP P2P, HTTP/HTTPS, Cloud Services, etc.
• Security and Prevention
Somansa Mail-i provides real-time security alerts based on policy rule violations. Somansa Mail-i blocks and secures bypassing & proxy based traffic and protocols.
• Detect and Discover
Based on policies, Somansa Mail-i monitors and detects sensitive content in motion based rules including Keyword/Patterns related to specific compliance including Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, etc.
• Reporting and Auditing
Displays real-time reports and violations based on policy rules. User and Event logs are also provided for audit trails.

Why Somansa Mail-i?

• Protect Sensitive Data
Based on policy rules, Somansa Mail-i monitors and analyzes all outbound network traffic and protocols including Email, IM, FTP, Cloud Services, etc. containing confidential and personal information.
• Provide Legal Evidence
Somansa Mail-i discovers and retrieves all messages and attached files using an advanced search function to retrieve data for legal evidence and e-Discovery requirements.
• Meet Regulatory Compliance
Using Somansa Mail-i features, companies can comply with federal and state government and industry regulatory compliance related to electronic data and communications.
• Manage Multiple Protocols
Somansa Mail-i monitors Email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP, MAPI), Webmail (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), Instant Messenger (MSN, AOL, etc.), FTP, Telnet, HTTP/HTTPS, P2P, Proxy, Tunnel, Terminal, Remote Tools, Social Networking, Cloud Storages (MS Office 365, Box, etc), and other protocols to protect valuable information.
• Easy to Use
Somansa Mail-i can be simply deployed and managed into your network environment without alteration or performance effects.