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Somansa is a global leader in Data Security and Compliance solutions designed to protect valuable company information from leakage and help meet regulatory compliance requirements.

As more corporate information is exchanged and copied through the network and endpoints via Email, IM, USBs, Printing, and other channels, the liabilities and amount of resources exhausted for companies have also increased. Confidential and sensitive data leakage, meeting compliance requirements, and legal lawsuits can all lead to financial and resource loss for organizations of all sizes and industries, healthcare, financial, and government.

Using its advanced packet and protocol analysis technology, Somansa provides a total security solution to Monitor, Protect, and Discover sensitive company data in motion and at rest including network protocols, email, IM, FTP, endpoints such as USB and database activity  to meet regulatory compliance requirements while protecting valuable company information.

Company Information

With over 15 years experience in electronic data security and management, Somansa provides its 1000+ worldwide customers from large enterprises to small and medium businesses in various industries, healthcare, financial, and government with complete data loss prevention (DLP) and database activity monitoring solutions. As a pioneer in advanced packet and protocol analysis, email, P2P, FTP, and database activity, Somansa is dedicated to providing its worldwide customers  with superior technology and service to over to protect sensitive data and meet regulatory compliance requirements.